Hackney Horse Society Breed Show, 4-8 June

  • HACKNEY HORSE SOCIETY BREED SHOW Ardingly, West Sussex 4-8 June
    in-hand ponies (S Bamford, J Cresswell, G Dudley) y’ling colts.— 1 & ch, A & B Ward’s Aghaderg Another Hero; 2, R Walker’s Batchelor Off The Dutchess; 3, D Vyse’s Noddyvyse Standing Ovation. y’ling fillies.— 1 & res ch, D Vyse’s Noddyvyse Whats My Name; 2 & res, A & B Ward’s Aghaderg Mega Star; 3, J Chicken’s Stapleford Jane. 2-y-o stallions n exc 13.2hh.— 1 & res, A & B Ward’s Aghaderg Mourinho; 2, Smith Bros’ Garston Little Swank. 3-y-o stallions n exc 13.3h.— 1, ch, sup, sup & sup, A & B Ward’s Westbourne Hallmark. 2-y-o- mares n exc 13.2h.— 1, ch & res sup, J Sayers’s Perrybridge Showgirl; 2, C Smale’s Aghaderg Rise To The Occasion. 3-y-o mares n exc 13.3h.— 1, J Sayers’s Perrybridge Scarlett; 2, Smith Bros’ Garston Tia Maria. 4-y-o & over mares not in foal.— 1 & sup, Cowstead Ltttle Gem. in foal or with foal at foot.— 1, S Prescott’s Bronte Beautie; 2, Smith Bros’ Greenville Little Charm; 3, G Haffenden’s Roscourt Patience. 4-y-o & over stallion n exc 14h.— 1, res sup & res sup, L Pittaway & R Carter’s Hurstwood Comet; 2, G Haffenden’s Sunbeam Vulcan; 3, M Ongley’s Cowstead Meteor. best pony bred by exhibitor.— 1, Cowstead Little Gem. best conf.— 1, Westbourne Hallmark. in-hand horses y’ling colts.— 1, ch & res ch, Mr & Mrs Walsh’s Marylind Heart Breaker. y’ling fillies.— 1, res, ch & res sup, E Ward’s Wentworth Tiffany; 2, G Haffenden’s Roscourt Dream On; 3, A & J Sparrowhawk’s Grandshore Lady Jane. 2-y-o stallions exc 13.2.h.— 1, ch & res sup, Mr & Mrs Walsh’s Marylind Question Mark; 2, J Sayers’s Perrybridge My Way; 3, F Wadhams’s Baldwins King of Kings. 3-y-o stallions exc 13.3h.— 1, R Walker’s Hillcross The Contender. 2-y-o mares exc 13.2h.— 1, M Denness’s Borthwood Picturesque; 2, A & J Sparrowhawk’s Grandshore Starlight. 3-y-o mares exc 13.3h.— 1 & res, W Murrell’s Nutfields Warrior Princess. 4-y-o & over mares not in foal.— 1, sup, sup, res sup & best conf, S Wormald’s Atlowsprings Rhapsody; 2, F Spierings’s Plains Dream Of Perfection; 3, J Clayton’s Gaytons Shining Star. 4-y-o & over stallions exc 14h.— 1 & sup, J & A Sparrowhawk’s Highmoor Little Jon; 2, H Schaap’s Maurice; 3, T Middleman’s Plains William. best horse bred by exhibitor.— 1, Marylind Question Mark. best conf.— 1, Atlowsprings Rhapsody. harness ponies (R Connolly, N Grayshon;, L Hazlett) nov n exc 12.2h.—1, res ch & best conf, E Ward’s Westbourne Hi Tech; 2, J Van Der Endt’s Sunbeam Gold & Silver; 3, L Taylor’s Brookfield Coquette .12.2-14h.— 1 & ch, M Jenkins’s Heartland Jerilynn (S Barraclough); 2, A Brown’s Avens That A Do; 3, L Huckeriede’s Rocky Montana. open n exc12.2h.— 1, G Van Nispen’s Sunbeam Victory (A Huckreide); 2, Mr & Mrs Bailey’s Aghaderg Supreme Demonstrator; 3, J & L Barrass’s Aghaderg Spot The Difference. 12.2-14h.— 1, M Denness’s Heartland Top Of The Class; 2, B Bass’s Stapleford Black Jack; 3, G Haffenden’s Sunbeam Vulcan. nat ch harness pony.— 1, Stapleford Black Jack (R Bass); 2, Heartland Jerilynn; 3, Sunbeam Victory. nov 14-15h.— 1 & ch, J Wenham’s Forewood Extravagance; 2, C Moran’s Drewsherne Conbrayo; 3, T Middleman’s Plains William. nov over 15h.— 1 & res ch, M Brown’s Bally Holly; 2 & best conf, M Hardy’s Sam Van Semarang; 3, F Vyse jnr’s Stapleford Lady Sophia. open 14-15h.— 1, P Gray’s Thorneyside Viscount; 2, J Sayers’s Heldon Jack Of Diamonds; 3, C Spierings’s Plains Valentino. over 15h.— 1, C Moran’s Drewsherne Corrall; 2, B & G Turner’s Brookeborough Flash Jack; 3, Mr & Mrs Wenham jnr’s Forwood Braveheart. nat ch harness horse.— 1, Forewood Braveheart; 2, Brookeborough Flash Jack; 3, Thorneyside Viscount. int’l pony (T Burrows, B Stockton, E Ward).— 1, R D’Achard Van Enschut’s Heartland Sundance; 2, W Stubbs’s Heartland Passionate; 3, D Vyse’s Seamair Simply Marvelous (M Vyse). horse.— 1, Maurice; 2, Plains Valentino; 3, W De Heul’s Shanie Rebel. am n exc 12.2h.— 1, best exhibit driven by a lady, best am whip & best opp section.— 1, Aghaderg Spot The Difference; 2, P Peters’s Brookfield Tommy; 3, A Brown’s Wings Unbelievable. 12.2-14h.— 1 & ch, R D’Achard Van Enschut’s Heartland Starlighter; 2, Sunbeam Vulcan; 3, E Walsh jnr’s Stapleford Kings Delight. 14-15h.— 1, D Breaker’s Plains Vagabond. exc 15h.—– 1 & ch, Sam Van Semarang; 2, F Vyse jnr’s Stapleford Lady Sophia. part-bred.— 1, Mr & Mrs Allen’s Private Dancer; 2, W Murrell’s Sir Trinidy; 3, F Wadhams’s Baldwins The Magpie. private driving (G Docking, T Burrows) n exc 14h.— 1 & res, Smith Bros’s Royal Sunshine; 2, J Dudley-Apicella’s Pam’s Little Star; 3, P Holcombe’s Westbourne High Flyer. exc 14h.— 1 & ch, J Clayden’s Glenshane Prince; 2, Smith Bros’s Baldwins John Boy; 3, M Herriott’s Tim. double harness.— 1, P & J Clough’s Halloughton Hallmark & Camorland Just Right; 2, Heartland Sundance & Heartland Starlighter. ridden.— 1, L Sayers’s Carolus; 2, J Sparrowhawk’s Prestwood Perfect Harmony; 3, S Gladwell’s Gaytons Lady Jane. jnr whip.— 1, C Vyse; 2, L Smith; 3, C Brown. breeder gaining most points in-hand.— 1, P Trimble. exhib in-hand & harness.— 1, Mr & Mrs Walsh. pursuit of excellence.— 1, S Barraclough & C Purver.

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