Pony doping confirmed

  • Blood samples taken from two ponies at a young rider competition in Jersey have tested positive for the sedative Acetylpromazine (ACP). “We have received a report back from the police and the two ponies blood tested have tested positive for ACP,” said a spokesperson for BSJA Jersey. Two other ponies from the competition underwent independent blood tests and have also tested positive for the drug, a spokesperson confirmed.

    The tests were carried out following an allegation that Mrs Kim Baudains fed a sedative to ponies in an attempt to help her 12-year-old son Josh win the under-16 Young Show Jumper of the Year final in St Lawrence, Jersey on 9 September. An ACP tablet was found on the ground, prompting the show to be cancelled over safety concerns and some parents reported their children’s ponies were drowsy. Mrs Baudains denies the allegations.

    A police investigation was discontinued because the allegations were not in contravention of any Jersey laws but the Jersey BSJA will now decide what measures will be taken. “We’re currently in discussion but a decision has not yet been taken,” the spokesperson said. Meanwhile the four doped ponies all produced good results at the rescheduled Young Rider championships.

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