Lancashire SJC, 19 May

  • LANCASHIRE SJC Formby, Merseyside, 19 May

    British novice 1, September Sunrise (R Greaves); 2, Time N Time Again (S Magee); 3, Cracker (E Mollart). discovery 1, Paco Rabanne JT2 (S Lundy); 2, Anhoso HC2 (V Holt); 3, Time N Time Again. newcomers 1, Linara (J Garton-Pope); 2, Billy Bianca (S Gibson); 3, Lanky Larry (K Cubley). 1.05m 1, Kalahari Sunset (I Wynne); 2, Mini B (F Gardner); 3, Taal (G Priestley). Foxhunter/1.20m 1, The Final Countdown (A Owens); 2, Randy Andy (L Smith); 3, Simply Cider (L Birke). 1.25m 1, Rush On M (S Ryan); 2, Randy Andy. jnr British novice 1, Milnrow Minnie Mouse (P Tonge); 2, Ching Ching (D Coop); 3, Ice On Fire (A Dobson). primary 1, 7 tied. sml pony 1, Pielview Conker (C Thompson); 2, Coco Can (D Ward); 3, Just Talk Atlanta (K Gill). midi jnr 1 & 2, Grey Palace & My Bugsy Malone (L Whiteway). tiny tot 1, Creden Tiptop (M Carpenter). jnr newcomers/progressive 1, Milnrow Minnie Mouse; 2, Ching Ching. jnr members cup 1, Forge Freeway (G Hilton). 20 May: British novice 1, Valencia (S Sweeney); 2, C Veraz (S Jimmieson); 3, Beg To Differ (L Gill). discovery 1, Lomas Los Pacos (D McNulty); 2, Cash Cash Z (G Crook); 3, Elan Pantella (S Magee). 1.05m 1, Connaught (J McGlory); 2, Miami Playboy (L Mansfield); 3, Croft Sunset (V Shore). newcomers 1, Calido (C Adams); 2, Uni (A Birch); 3, Condor Van Rosenhoff (S Magee). jnr A4 1, Fortunes Enigma (C Clewlow); 2, Chief Chalong (H Smith); 3, Bwcle Bronwen (M Walton). jnr British novice 2nd round 1, Biddy Brown (L Edwards); 2, Chief Chalong; 3, Fortunes Enigma. 128/138cm 1, Linden Frost (J Roberts); 2, Coco Can; 3, The Great Houdini (A Brown). sml pony 1, Just Talk Atlanta; 2, My Little Tinker (D Ward); 3, Coco Can. mini jnr 1, Thorneycroft Misty Blue (L Edwards); 2, Bwcle Bronwen. jnr Foxhunter/1.10m 1, Gazay Du Faucon (A Barton); 2, Mountain Ghost (E Woodburn). JC/JA 1, Caprice (A Barton). Foxhunter/1.20m 1, Manover Dream (S Magee); 2, Maximum (J McGlory); 3, St Lucia (A Birth). 1.25m 1, D Magician (J McGlory); 2, Concordeville (T Davin); 3, Grand Classe (K Shore).

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