Jersey doping scandal reaches conclusion

  • An inquiry into last summer’s doping scandal at the St Lawrence show in Jersey on 9 September has reached its conclusion.

    Allegations were made that a mother of one of the competitors in the under-16 Young Show Jumper of the Year final fed sedative pills — acepromazine (ACP) — hidden among polo mints, to rival ponies.

    A police investigation was dropped as the allegations did not contravene Jersey law. But an independent inquiry has been conducted by a local lawyer, a policeman and a show judge.

    BSJA Jersey chairman David Robinson said he would not be able to comment until members had been notified of the findings.

    He said: “We have reached a conclusion which will be discussed at an emergency general meeting in the next four to six weeks. Our members will be advised of the findings a week before that meeting.”

    Last July BSJA judge and course-designer Philip Billington told H&H: “We know some ponies were doped, but what we don’t know is when the doping took place or who did it.”

    Several ponies were reported by their owners as being unusually lethargic at the show. Four later tested positive for ACP.


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