Harry Hall yard jacket: review

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  • Harry Hall yard jacket


    • Fit:
    • Performance:


    • Great fit
    • Good detailing around zips
    • Windproof
    • Easy to wear
    • Looks good, flattering shape


    • Not good in heavy rain
    • Not for depths of winter
    • Gaudy colour - not very "country"
    • Feels like a luxury, not a necessity


    Harry Hall

    Price as reviewed:


    Our reviewer thought that overall this jacket was stylish and easy to wear but is perhaps not quite all-weather enough for its purpose

    My first impressions of this product was that it was a natty, lightweight, fitted jacket with covered sturdy-looking zips and discreet pockets. Harry Hall boasts versatility: this looks as though it could be worn out sailing, in town, around the yard and out hacking.

    It was a snug fit, with great details: a broad shoulder vent and bum flap. There’s an elasticated waist band at the back with fastenings to tighten or loosen, depending on what you’re wearing underneath, and soft lining to the collar, which can be zipped and snapper fastened up to the chin – good for chilly mornings. Great detail: a two-way zip to fasten the jacket at the front, and neat plackets to cover the zips, plus the cleverly cut collar that allows room for shoulder movement while staying snug. Outer shell and lining is made from 100% polyester and can be machine washed.

    It’s a great fit and easy to wear. I really liked the shaped elbows and velcro-fittings to the wrists, which allow for maximum arm movement without the sleeves riding up. It survived a muckheap workout (the most testing activity for jackets) with flying colours.

    Ideal as a jacket to wear around the yard, as it looks and feels great, the closest to chic an everydayphoto[2]jacket comes. Surprisingly wind-resistant and warmer than its weight suggests. It is not as rain-proof as I would have liked (after half an hour in late spring rain I began to feel distinctly damp, and switched to my wax overcoat).

    The cobalt blue is a little bright and shows the dirt – the navy/emerald is more discreet (although out of stock when I checked the Harry Hall website).

    The jacket was a beautiful fit; I am a size 10 but the 12 allows for a jumper underneath; it also allows for movement across the back.

    I would recommend to anyone who likes a good choice of outerwear and has cash to spare; and for anyone who has a smart yard.

    The toggle that join the drawstring around the hood is fiddly; I found it kept popping open; I’d like more choice of colours; does one really need five pockets?

    Overall this jacket is lightweight and stylish, well-made and looks good; colour and small quibbles aside, this is a great looking jacket for spring and autumn, but not quite all-weather enough for this reviewer.


    This jacket is lightweight and stylish but is perhaps not quite all-weather enough for its purpose


    Colour: Cobalt, navy, emerald

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