The Hairy Pony’s Christmas Party by Emma Jane McCue

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  • The Hairy Pony's Christmas Party

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    The Hairy Pony’s Christmas Party

    Author: Emma Jane McCue
    Illustrator: Janine Drayson
    Published: 2021
    Available as paperback

    View at emmamccueauthor.co.uk

    About the book

    This seasonal children’s story follows a lonely pony who feels he doesn’t quite fit in. With some help and encouragement from kind friends, others see the error of their ways, and so the narrative changes and his wish to feel included comes true.


    This is a jolly, uplifting, festive tale – perfect for Christmas Eve boxes or stockings. The poem romps along, with a heartwarming message at the end, and one that is very of the moment – be kind. The illustrations are delightful, and young children can be encouraged to engage with the book further by spotting the robin on each page.

    Silver Pony, diminutive in comparison to his field mates who cover the ground at far greater pace, feels left out and lonely one year at Christmas. A wise, kind owl notices his distress, and sets about creating a celebration, with Silver Pony the guest of honour. All the animals in the countryside lend a paw, or claw, and Silver Pony’s wishes come true.

    The longer legged companions apologise for leaving little Silver Pony out, and pledge to include him and look out for him in the future. Spreading a lovely message of kindness to young children, I imagine this becoming a favourite bedtime story every December.

    About the author

    Emma’s love affair with horses began at the age of five when she learnt to ride on a very naughty Shetland. Now with two children of her own, Emma has wanted to tell the story of The Hairy Pony’s Christmas Party for more than 10 years – and she finally has. Published in October 2021, this is Emma’s first step into the world of publishing.


    Perfect for an early Christmas gift to read on Christmas Eve, this book is one that will be chosen at bedtime year after year.

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