Legendary Hearts of Horses by Adrienne Neary 

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  • Legendary Hearts of Horses by Adrienne Neary 

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    Legendary Hearts of Horses

    Author: Adrienne N. Neary
    Published: 2021
    Available as hardcover

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    About the book

    Legendary Hearts of Horses is the result of the author’s collection and analysis of information sources regarding the large heart gene. In this book, Neary follows the equine large heart trail instigated by the famous American Thoroughbred, Secretariat.


    The beautiful glossy hardback cover contains a well-researched read about the heart of the equine and how the strong bond and connection between humans and horses has come to be.

    It begins with a look back at the famous racehorse of the 1970s, Secretariat, who attracted a worldwide fan base of adoring fans and was found to have a mega-heart when an autopsy was conducted after his death. Since this discovery, Secretariat’s heart size became an ‘obsession’ within the equine industry.

    Neary provides an overview of some of the impressive feats of well-known horses throughout history and provides evidence that the spirit, determination and power of a horse can go on to achieve remarkable things.

    The book contains historical references, research and contains frequent use of direct quotes from published works.

    It would appear that one of the author’s main intentions was to educate readers on the X factor theory and present her own findings as she researched the phenomenon of the most powerful of equine hearts.

    This book talks about the physical heart of horses as well as the intangible qualities that horses display. The appendix containing a diagram of equine large heart conformation was a helpful addition to tie everything together.

    The narrative is fascinating and profound and I learnt mounds about the horses of our past and why we are so connected to the horses of our present.

    The stories about each of the legendary horses catches and keeps the attention, though I would have preferred a slightly neater layout with smaller text and fewer research references that break up the author’s captivating, emotive writing.

    About the author

    Adrienne Neary is an equestrian, author, illustrator, researcher and Equine Energy practitioner. She has a background in animal science and now writes about the wisdoms bestowed on her with her decades of experience teaching and coaching.


    An ideal gift for someone who wants a relatively quick yet intense read, and wants to delve into history while being moved.

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