Toggi Winnipeg brown yard boots: review

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  • Toggi Winnipeg brown yard boots


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    • Quick to pull on /take off
    • Not bulky
    • True to size


    • Leather on side strap curled



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    These boots became our reviewer's go-to choice of footwear for ease of use and comfort

    These boots took a little getting used to as initially they nipped the back of my heel, high up where the top of the heelcap leather finishes. I persevered and they quickly became my go-to boots for ease of use and comfort.

    I tested a brown pair in size 39. I am a bog standard size 6 and these were a very good fit, being true to size.

    They are an excellent combination of being pull-ons but also being quite flattering. Other pull-on long boots I’ve tried have had very wide legs and some end up looking like buckets or seriously bagging round the ankle and sagging.


    I walked around a lot in them and they remained comfortable; no rubbing or pinching and the sole feels supportive and bouncy.

    The Winnipeg has a small panel of elastic on the outside, under the buckle, which allows the top of the boots to be more contoured and less bulky.

    The sole is grippy; I tried these boots in all weathers (snow, ice and hail included) and I never had cold feet when wearing them, even on the harshest of winter days. I tried these boots for months, taking in all seasons, and they weren’t too hot on warm days so I never ended up with clammy, sweaty feet and they are breathable.

    I didn’t need to alter the little buckle on the outside every time I put them on or off, so didn’t have to faff around with that. The leather tongue of the buckle detailing did curl up a bit, so perhaps some kind of extra keeper might be a good addition, but it didn’t affect the boots’ use.


    The cut of the boot means you can ride in them; when not riding and you stand up straight the ankle rucks up slightly. But that’s the compromise you make with boots that are also comfortable to ride in.

    I particularly liked the tweed look of the front of the shaft, and the pattern of the brown leather is flattering as it tapers at the front.

    10.Toggi Winnipeg

    They’re waterproof too, so when my horse knocked me into a puddle that she refused to walk through, it was no problem and I didn’t end up with soggy feet.

    These are really nice, sturdy all-round boots which represent excellent value for money.


    These are really nice, sturdy all-round boots which represent excellent value for money

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