Celebrating the 2009/10 point-to-point award winners

With the 2009-10 point-to-point season now over, it’s time to look back on the year’s award winners:

Leading male rider: Richard Woollacott
Leading female rider: Polly Gundry
Leading male novice: Tom Cannon
Leading female novice: Claire Douglas
Leading horse: Fully Loaded
Brightwells Insurance Order Of Excellence: Maletton/Lord Attica (joint)
The Princess Royal Trophy (leading female novice under-21): Lucy Pugsley
The Wilkinson Sword (leading male novice under-21): James Best/ Grant Cockburn (joint)
Harley Racing National novice riders’ race champion: Ed Turner
pointtopoint.co.uk PPORA Young Horse Award National Champion: Indian Print
Jim Mahon Industry Award: Nick Price

Area awards: Devon & Cornwall

Riders: Richard Woollacott, Polly Gundry
Novices: Joe Tickle, Lucy Pugsley
Veteran: Neil Harris
Horse: Come What Augustus

East Anglia

Riders: Rupert Stearn (points), James Owen (wins), Georgina Andrews (points), Louise Allan (wins)
Novices: Ben Rivett, Bridget Andrews
Horse: Mid Div And Creep
Owner/trainer/rider: Andrew Pennock


Riders: Dickie Barrett, Gemma Hutchinson
Novice: George Henderson
Horse: Aztec Warrior (overall), Byways Boy (novice), True Friday (mare)
Family: Hutchinson family (Zilcash)


Riders: Tristan Davidson, Kelly Bryson
Novice: Grant Cockburn
Horse: Indian Print
Hunt: Jedforest

North Western

Riders: Richard Burton, Sue Sharratt
Novice: Joe Proctor
Veteran: Sue Sharratt
Horses: Le Seychellois (overall), Queen Of Diamonds (family), Enter Paradise (novice)


Riders: Nico de Boinville/Neil Henderson (joint), Phillip York (owner/family rider)
Novice: Nico de Boinville/Neil Henderson (joint)
Horses: Presenting Express (overall and owner/family ridden)

South East

Riders: Peter Bull, Cynthia Haydon
Novices: Tom Garner/Ben Bentley (joint), Kelly Keeffe
Horse: Durante (overall)

South Midlands

Riders: Tom Ellis, Lucy Barry
Novice: Tom Garner
Owner: Bronwen Hurley (Moscow Mule)

South Wales and Monmouthshire

Riders: John Mathias (any area, S & W Wales), Tom David/Rhys Hughes (joint S Wales resident), Isabel Tompsett (S & W Wales)
Novices: Nathan Deakin (S & W Wales), John Norman (S Wales)
Horses: Grey Kid (overall, S & W Wales & older horse, S & W Wales), Makena (mare, S & W Wales), On Oath (maiden, S Wales), Minsgill Mans (open/hunter chase, S Wales)

Welsh Border Counties

Riders: Jeremy Mahot, Lorna Brooke
Novice: John Flook
Veteran: Ray Rogers
Owner: Peter Corbett
Trainer: Sarah-Jayne Davies
Horse: Upton Legend


Riders: Ryan Mahon, Charlotte Tizzard
Novice: James Best
Owner: Jack Barber (Thisthatandtother)

West Midlands

Riders: Mark Wall, Claire Allen
Novice: Nick Slatter, Hannah Chisman
Trainer: Fergal O’Brien
Horses: Bradley (overall), Sheknowsyouknow (mare), Getyouracttogether (novice), Forgive The Past (owner trainer ridden)

West Wales

Riders: John Mathias (overall & gentleman), Jodie Hughes
Novice: Nathan Deakin
Horse: Rith Bob/Warsaw Pact (joint)


Riders: Chris Dawson, Jacqueline Coward
Novices: Max Johnson, Charlotte Cundall
Owner: Tom Bannister
Horses: Andre Chenier (open), Sea Senor (novice)

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