Horse & Hound Ask the Vet: Spring 2015

  • In the latest edition of Horse & Hound Ask the Vet magazine, out now, we prepare for the summer months. From warmer temperatures to dealing with flies, we bring you lots of tips and expert advice to help you and your horse get through the summer months. We also bring you information on how the horse’s back works, how to avoid azoturia and how to treat laminitis.



    What’s in Horse & Hound Ask the Vet magazine: Spring 2015



    • Hot stuff: Make sure a rise in temperature doesn’t have a negative effect on your horse
    • Feeling the heat: Would you know if your horse is dehydrated?
    • Weight watchers: Why struggling to hold condition is as worrying as obesity
    • Buzz off!: H&H readers share their tips for beating biting bugs, including feeding Marmite
    • Keep flies away: Handy products on the market in time for summer

    ATV tendons

    • ‘His tendon was nearly destroyed’: The remarkable recovery of a point-to-pointer
    • Leading legs: From monitoring the going to warming up well — how to protect limbs
    • A sensitive issue: What is hypersensitivity and why does it happen?
    • Flower power: How to identify poisonous plants and why they are deadly


    • Treating laminitis: Why maggot therapy and ice boots are useful for laminitis
    • Aching muscles: How to avoid azoturia — and spot the signs
    • Temper tantrums: Why a mare’s oestrus cycle makes her moody — and how to handle it
    • In the genes: Can we breed well-behaved horses, or is it just down to good training?
    • No stress!: Products to help take the edge off an excitable horse or moody mare
    • Back to back: How the horse’s back works
    • Falling to the floor: What causes horses to collapse?

    ATV hearts

    • Hitting the deck: Why a horse fall during competition doesn’t always spell disaster
    • Feeling fatigued?: How to recognise when you’ve pushed a horse too far
    • Adrenaline rush: Does stress affect horses, and what can we do about it?
    • Getting up his nose: Identify whether your horse is at risk of nosebleeds — plus what to do if it happens
    • Clearing the airways: What causes sinusitis, and how is it treated?
    • Rhythm of the beat: How the heart works and common issues to look out for
    • Peak performers: Simple measures to keep equine athletes healthy all season


    • Ears explained: Why these small parts of the body are central to a horse’s wellbeing
    • Passing the test: Nine tips for running a clean yard and avoiding a positive dope test
    • Coming of age: How the foundations for health and soundness are set in the early years
    • Don’t be naughty!: Vital ways to prepare a nervous horse for a visit from the vet

    Handling for the vet

    • Healthy hooves: Leading farriers advise on common foot problems that are easily avoided
    • Home or away?: Should you send your mare to stud, or let her give birth at home?
    • Texts from horse: A little light relief


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