Horse & Hound; 28 March 2019

  • In this week’s Horse & Hound magazine, out on Thursday 28 March 2019, don’t miss our ‘Showing special’ including we visit producer, breeder and judge Jerome Harforth, plus read our feature on home-producing and much more. In this week’s ‘Vet clinic’ we explore methods for giving horses medicine, and we visit point-to-point duo Francesca Nimmo and Charlie Poste. We also have reports from the Harborough Ride, plus eventing action from Gatcombe, racing from Newbury and much more.

    What’s in Horse & Hound magazine: 28 March 2019


    • Cutting-edge research could improve tendon injury treatment
    • Venues’ investment good news for the sport
    • The impact of electric cars on horses discussed in parliament
    • How minimum wage increase could have positive effects

    Showing special

    • Jerome Harforth: The producer, breeder and judge
    • What’s in a mark? Does judging by numbers work?
    • DIY showing: Inspiring home-producers
    • Judge needed! Why shows struggle to find judges and how to become one


    • Royal Windsor: Free ticket for every reader
    • Access all areas: We visit pointing duo Francesca Nimmo and Charlie Poste
    • Transport special: An ultimate guide to safe and smooth towing


    • All in a day’s work: The racehorse trainer’s wife
    • Property: Dream homes for over £1m
    • Motoring: Electric cars
    • Vet clinic: Ways of giving medicine to horses
    • H&H interview: Swedish eventer Ludwig Svennerstal
    • Fix it: Nikki Barker on improving the half-pass
    • Goodnight: Columnist Tessa Waugh’s hunting diary, plus our weekly cartoon


    • Letters page, plus 100 Horseworld Objects
    • Eventing: Mark Phillips
    • Dressage: Carl Hester
    • Showing: Julie Templeton


    • Out with… The East Cornwall
    • Hunter of a lifetime: Louie, who jumps anything
    • Harborough Ride: Hunt ride queen Yvonne Goss dominates once again
    • Hunt stalwart: Supporter Charles Dixey


    • Eventing: Gatcombe, Great Witchingham and more
    • Dressage: Highlights
    • Showjumping: Highlights
    • Showing: BSPS Scottish Winter Show
    • Racing: Newbury and Kelso
    • Team chasing: Farmers Bloodhounds
    • Point-to-point: Garthorpe and more

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