Eventing magazine: March 2015

  • In this month’s Eventing magazine, read part one of our essential guide on horse trials in 2015. We also bring you tributes from the eventing world after the tragic death of another rider. We also talk to the Event Riders Association president, Bruce Haskell, who explains why the eventing community means so much to him and his plans to improve the sport. You can enjoy all the news from the last two months.



    What’s in Eventing magazine: March 2015


    • Nicola Wilson: Gymnastic exercises to keep your horse interested at home — encouraging fresh horses to work in a rythm
    • ERA chief Bruce Haskell: “If people dropped their agendas, we could improve the sport” — the Event Rider’s Association president on love, loss and building for the future
    • Why more ex-racehorses are going eventing: Our new series kicks off with a look at why ex-racehorses have increased in popularity, and a reminder of the most successful ones in eventing
    • Horse trials guide part one: Read this before you do your entries — essential information on every fixture from March to June: what the organisers and riders say, plus cross-country statistics
    • The step up to intermediate: Andrew Hoy helps Gina Ruck to develop the right canter and focus with her sensitive eight-year-old mare
    • “Three judges are intimidating, so try riding in front of 33”: Rider diarist Lousie HArwood trains, compete and acts as a guinea pig for a judge’s seminar


    • British Eventing sets a new standard for frangible fences as another rider dies
    • Half marks to be awarded in dressage
    • New courses at the Festival of British Eventing

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