H&H Asks: Why use a wavy headpiece?

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  • The wavy headpiece is designed to curve away behind the horse’s ears to avoid rubbing and alleviate pressure around the sensitive poll area. It was developed by Pointings Saddlery near Bath in response to requests from riders who have become increasingly aware of the problems associated with pressure on their horses’ heads

    Who uses it?

    Up-and-coming event rider Harry Meade has been using the wavy headpiece for about two months. Harry has found that there is a subtle difference in his horses when ridden in the wavy headpiece.

    “They tend to be less sensitive when pressure is applied to the poll,” he said.

    All Harry’s horses have used the headpiece at some time, and four of them now wear it all the time. One is ex-racehorse Neverbepooragain.

    “Neverbepooragain has a slightly nervous disposition and has growths in his ears,” said Harry. “Using the wavy headpiece on this horse makes life a lot easier.”

    What horses does it suit?

    As this headpiece does not come into contact with the base of the horse’s ears, it is good for horses with specific problems with their ears, such as warts or growths.

    Birgitte Funder, from Pointings Saddlery, says her customers have found their horses are “more relaxed with less tension in the neck” when ridden in this headpiece. Peter Lewis, the owner of Pointings Saddlery, recommends it particularly for endurance and dressage horses.

    Where can I buy one?

    POINTINGS Saddlery stocks the wavy headpiece for £70 (tel: 01225 462136) www.pointings-saddlery.co.uk

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