Does your riding hat fit properly?

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    Thought about logically, it seems pretty clear that if your riding hat does not fit you properly, it isn’t going to do its job properly and protect your head in a fall. So, here are some simple guidelines to determine whether your riding hat fits you correctly:

    1. It should sit level on your head, just above your eyebrows and the tops of your ears

    2. The band around the harness must be positioned near the clip to stop it loosening (see picture)

    3. Your hat should not rock forwards, backwards or from side to side

    4. The jaw strap should only be loose enough to fit one finger inside it

    5. Back straps should be tight enough to stop your hat tipping forwards

    6. The hat should be close-fitting, but not uncomfortably tight

    7. There should be a small space at your temples

    8. The hat should fit all round the head without any large gaps

    If you suspect that your hat does not fit, you should visit a specialist hat-fitter as soon as possible

    On-the-spot hat testing by H&H at an international show revealed some shocking results about our attitude towards hat safety — find out more in the current issue of Horse & Hound (17 June, ’10)

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