18-times Champion jockey AP McCoy’s debut novel is on sale next week.

Taking The Fall, goes on sale on 7 November and is a “racy” thriller by the jockey

It is set in the 1970s and stars Duncan Claymore, a talented conditional jockey who is struggling with demons.

AP said he enjoyed writing the book.

“It has a good story but it is not the sort of book I would want my daughter reading as it is a little bit racy,” he wrote in his Cheltenham racecourse blog.

“I wanted to make it a little bit more interesting and make it more than just a racing book, which people would associate with just skulduggery.

“I was first asked to do the book about two years ago when Fifty Shades of Grey had just come out. I said to my wife that every woman in the world was reading that book so I decided to spice it up a little bit. There are a few racy scenes in it, and I don’t mean on horseback!

“It is basically a revenge plot about a young jockey — who my wife says is nothing like me as he is quite good looking and a bit of a boy!”

Taking the Fall is published by Orion Books and costs £16.99 in hardback and £8.99 on eBooks.