How lopsided is your average horse? Researchers find out… *H&H Plus*

  • Researchers at Hartpury University have been investigating asymmetry in a group of 100 non-elite horses. Dr Peter Green explains their results...

    MOST of us are not perfectly symmetrical; one of our ears might be higher than the other, one foot larger and so on. The same is true of horses. We have known for some time that in elite, Flat-racing thoroughbreds, the very best performers tend to be those whose left-right anatomy is most balanced. Even in these, however, there are some traits that tend to be asymmetrical.

    Researchers at Hartpury University looked at asymmetry in non-elite horses using 100 riding school and pleasure horses and ponies, none of which had achieved more than novice level in any discipline to see what could be learnt.

    Further reading: Journal of Equine Veterinary Science 93: asymmetry, 103197

    H&H 29 October 2020

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