Adam Cromarty: something that really frustrates me *H&H Plus*

Adam Cromarty suggests format shake-ups and reveals his pin-up dreams

We all had plenty to reflect on as 2020 drew to a close, but sadly it looks like more of the same as the nation united into lockdown once again.

It’s a chapter we’ll look back on and discuss for generations to come. I’m sure our grandparents’ war stories will still win over the time we had to save humanity by staying at home and watching Netflix, but everything is relative.

I always find the festive period is a great time to look ahead and make plans. Maybe 2021 could be the year I’ll end up as a pin-up with a ripped six-pack, but even after I sober up and realise how unlikely that is, I do try to make a note of areas I want to focus on.

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