Federation acts on new safety measures despite being placed in administration *H&H Plus*

Despite governance issues resulting in Equestrian Australia being placed in voluntary adminstration, the national federation has been making progress implementing recommendations made by the coroner after the death of two riders in cross-country accidents. H&H finds out more...

Safety remains Equestrian Australia’s (EA) top priority, despite uncertainty because the federation is in administration, as it pushes forward to implement a coroner’s recommendations after the deaths of two event riders.

On 9 June, EA announced it had gone into voluntary administration, stating, “clearly, the current model does not work”. This followed multiple changes in management including the fourth chair resigning in 16 months.

A letter of 3 June from the Australian Sports Committee (ASC) stated it had invested in the improvement of safety standards but EA had not been “forthcoming with reporting transparently” on the progress of this, as required under its sport investment agreement. Owing to “board turmoil” at EA, the ASC withdrew funding of $450,000 (£248,000) for 2020.

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