Dressage returns: Horses and riders show they are revitalised after break *H&H Plus*

Combinations return to the ring revitalised after the competition break to succeed at new levels

Onley Grounds EC, Warks

A nine for an extended walk was “the icing on the cake” for Rebecca Drane, whose home-bred Dancier mare Danseuse nailed her debut at medium with a plus-72% win.

Rebecca, a Buckinghamshire-based freelance dressage coach, used the competition break to strengthen her bond with 10-year-old “Susa”. “The lockdown gave me the time to focus on a different approach,” she explained. “Being quite sensitive and tricky, Susa really benefits from one-on-one attention. The key is not to push her too quickly – you have to work with her to build a partnership.

“Now that we have that trust, she was the best she has ever been in the ring,” added Rebecca, who has represented Great Britain as a junior and young rider and as a senior at small tour. “It’s good to feel that the training has paid off.”