Dressage highlights: Swift progress delivers glory *H&H Plus*

  • A brand new combination impress the judges, while a young pony with a “trainable attitude” works her way up the levels

    Aintree International EC, Merseyside

    A new combination of just five weeks made their mark with a 70% advanced medium win.

    “I never expected such a good score,” said Charlotte Lutener, who is still feeling her way with Full Fusion BS (Florence), under the guidance of trainer Jess Dunn. “It takes time to get to know a new horse, so my main aim was to enjoy myself and to try the partnership in a test situation.

    “We bought Florence so that my other horse Bertie [AB Barroco] can move up the levels with less pressure,” added Charlotte of the 10-year-old Blue Hors Zack mare, who has been produced and competed up to inter I level by Becky Moody. “She has the most beautiful personality and she’s a pleasure to ride. Everything I’m learning from her is proving beneficial to Bertie.”