Tracking the numbers to up your eventing game *H&H Plus*

  • What does “improve” mean? Pippa Roome asked eventers about their goals and then asked Diarmuid Byrne, from the data analytics company EquiRatings, for his analysis

    Equiratings’ Diarmuid Byrne says: “Most event riders’ goals focus on ‘improve’, which could be stepping up a level or achieving higher placings.

    “At EquiRatings, our philosophy is that to manage and improve performances, they must first be measured. Here, we set out some simple tools to help measure performance. That gives you a starting point to improve on.”

    Harriet Poupart, who runs Glendell Equestrian livery yard in Surrey, was given Voltaires Valentino (Inca) nearly five years ago because he was being difficult with his previous owner.

    Harriet says: “I had a bad fall at Dauntsey BE100 at the end of 2018 and then an unrelated knee operation six days later. So last year I was coming back from those two setbacks.

    “We finished in the top eight in our four BE90s in 2019 and then 15th at Munstead BE100. Normally I’m a confident and laid-back rider, I don’t overthink things. Cross-country is our strongest phase, we love it.