Most treasured possessions: The deep significance of the hunting horn *H&H Plus*

A hunting horn often carries a deeper significance than merely a tool to hunt hounds, finds Polly Portwin

As far as inspirational gift ideas go, not only as retirement presents for masters or hunt staff, but for a significant birthday or perhaps even as a christening present from a godparent, a hunting horn can rarely be beaten. Whether it’s brand new or it has been used by a huntsman before, a hunting horn is something to be treasured.

“If my house was on fire it would be one of the first things I would grab on the way out,” exclaims Daniel Cherriman, huntsman of the Pytchley with Woodland, in a sentiment echoed by many.
“While in monetary terms it is of little value, it holds so many memories and every dink and dent tells a different story.”

Hours of endless pleasure for the recipient of a horn can ensue, and it may even inspire a career in hunt service, although not everyone living under the same roof may share the same enthusiasm when the novice horn-blower starts practising at home.