Life lessons: Dressage rider Dannie Morgan *H&H Plus*

The event rider turned international dressage rider reveals his eventing idol, discusses his disorganised nature and offers his tip for staying focused

  • Dannie is a grand prix dressage rider and eventer based in Hampshire. He is from a non-horsey family and started riding at a local riding school when he was 10. He has won 19 regional and eight national championship titles between the white boards and has been placed several times at small tour.

    One thing I ensure is that I know each of my horses well. I understand every inch of every horse who comes on to the yard, so I can treat them as individuals. If you pay attention to the small things, you are able to pick up on the slight changes in physical appearance and health or temperament, so you can adjust programmes or care accordingly.

    However, for a horse to perform at its best, there is no one thing that takes precedence. The whole management programme together is what makes it work; from the structured training plans, to having well-fitted tack that’s checked regularly, to individual feeding regimes and supplements, to regular teeth and physio checks.