Goodnight — Tessa Waugh’s hunting diary: ‘Burnsed out’ *H&H Plus*

Tessa Waugh casts aside her English roots to enjoy a Burns jamboree with the hunt, to find stroked haggis, ferocious auctions and competition for a hike up Northumberland’s summit

Hunt fundraisers: at best a jolly gathering of the like-minded, at worst a grin-and-bear-it endurance test. It’s a constant challenge for every hunt, sexing up the offering to keep the money rolling in, and putting on events that people want to attend.

We’ve had a couple of good ones recently. The hunt dance at Christmas managed to pull in — wait for it — young people. And by young, I mean people in their 20s. Quite a coup. One of Adam’s joint-masters was punching the air.