Five minutes with: Show producer Justine Armstrong-Small *H&H Plus*

The show producer on painting jumps in her smart jacket, hankering for a palomino and her missed vocation

Justine is a professional show rider and producer who has won at all major shows including Horse of the Year Show, where she was supreme in 2003 with the working hunter Zin Zan. She is known for her achievements both in worker ranks and in flat classes, most recently with the middleweight Carlingfords King.

What was the last book you read?
The Beekeeper’s Cottage by Emma Davies. It had loads of complex twists and storylines; I loved it. I don’t get the chance to read very often but I took this one with me on holiday to Tenerife.

What are your favourite tunes for a road-trip?
I usually have the radio on but if we go to a show the kids plug their iPhones in and we listen to all the chart music. It gets our spirits up.