Develop a winning mindset during these tough times *H&H Plus*

Living in unfamiliar ways may be a catalyst for revamping our routines and renewing our mindset. Charlie Unwin explains how to develop a winning attitude in the face of adversity

From adversity springs opportunity. For me, that opportunity came in the form of Zoom technology. Within 48 hours of learning how to set up an account and use the virtual whiteboard, I found myself hosting an online conference for 40 coaches, and never have I been so nervous. In the two weeks since, I have spoken to a multitude of riders using the platform, all trying to make sense of the situation we find ourselves in.

It has occurred to me that only when we are jolted out of our daily rhythm and forced to live in ways with which we are unfamiliar, do we start to reflect back on what we considered normal before. Therefore, what a great opportunity we have to recognise and appreciate the things most important to us, but also to question the routines, rituals and beliefs that have been serving us less well.