All in a day’s work: Balmoral’s head keeper *H&H Plus*

  • Gary Coutts on growing up at Balmoral, runaway Highlands and working with The Queen, as told to Madeleine Silver.

    I moved to Balmoral in 1969 at the age of just three, when my father was employed as the estate carpenter. It was the same day Neil Armstrong landed on the moon. I don’t think it really ever fazed me that I was living on The Queen’s estate, it was just something I grew up with.

    My mother always said that I wanted to be a gamekeeper from when I was knee-high. My grandfather was a keeper on an estate near Balmoral. Doing things like fishing for trout and skinning rabbits always captivated my imagination.

    We have 12 working ponies at Balmoral during the height of the season.


    Ref Horse & Hound; 30 January 2020

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