World Horse Welfare needs your help today to help slaughter horses

  • World Horse Welfare needs your help to get 47 more Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) to sign up to help slaughter horses by 6pm today (21 January).

    The charity’s supporters have encouraged 253 MEPs to sign Written Declaration 54/2009 calling for a review of the long distance transportation of horses to slaughter.

    But at least half of all MEPs must sign the Written Declaration in order for this issue to be taken forwards, and they need another 47 signatures by the end of today.

    Around 100,000 horses a year travel to slaughter on the Continent and World Horse Welfare has proof many transporters do not keep the rules on rest periods, food and water and layout of horse boxes.

    Horses are being injured and caused great misery.

    Please email or call your MEPs asking them to sign the Declaration if they haven’t already, or ask them to contact other MEPs about the long distance transportation to slaughter.

    For more information and a link to your MEP’s contact details, go to the World Horse Welfare website

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