US horselovers battle to save abandoned herd

  • Volunteers in America are struggling to cope with 104 horses left to starve on a ranch in Lacey, Kingfisher County, Oklahoma.

    Authorities discovered the starving horses in a 70 acre pasture in Lacey on 19 November. By the time rescuers arrived, 27 were already dead, the remaining 106 were taken to a nearby farm where two more died.

    According to NEWSOK.com, an American news website, the horses are co-owned by three men.

    One of the horses’ co-owners, retired vet Dr Jess Brewer, issued a statement stating his regret and saying that: “with the horses having several co-owners, each thought the others were taking a more primary role in looking after them.”

    The statement also went on to say that Dr Brewer would never wilfully neglect an animal and that he owns other livestock and horses, which are in excellent condition.

    An investigation is currently underway to determine whether criminal charges will be brought against the co-owners.

    The remaining horses are said to be all doing “reasonably well” and their carers are hopeful that they will not loose any more due to starvation.

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