Two-thirds of public believe Hunting Act is not a police priority

  • Two in three people in Britain believe police should not make policing the Hunting Act any more of a priority than it is now.

    The poll, carried out by ORB for the Countryside Alliance (CA), reveals 65% of people believe that police should spend less or the same time policing the Hunting Act.

    Only 26% of people surveyed believe police should spend more time with hunts.

    CA chief executive Simon Hart said: “This poll proves what we have believed since the Hunting Act came into force: the general public simply do not view the Act as a police priority.”

    He added: “Hunts are working with the police and telling them when and where they will meet. This is hardly sensible preparation for law-breaking.”

    Last weekend, as the hunting season began in earnest across Britain, 1011 respondents were asked:

    Since the Hunting Act came into force, anti-hunt groups feel that the law is not being properly enforced by police. Do you think the Police should spend more, less or the same amount of time as they currently do policing the Act?

    • 29% said less time
    • 36% said the same time
    • 26% said more time

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