Two Dutch dressage team horses withdrawn from WEG

  • In a huge blow for the Dutch dressage team two horses have been withdrawn from the World Equestrian Games — Edward Gal’s Glock’s Undercover and Danielle Heijkoop’s Kingsley Siro NOP.

    Glock’s Undercover has been withdrawn after suffering a spinal injury which was picked up at the final vet check.

    “The vet diagnosed a problem in the cervical spine,” a statement from the Glock stables explained. “Despite the fact that the physiotherapist was able to mobilise the vertebra, a slight inflammation is still causing pain.”

    “This must have happened after the team training in the paddock or in his box,” said Glock trainer Nicole Werner and the two Glock riders Edward Gal and Hans Peter Minderhoud.

    “It is something, which can be treated well by means of corresponding medication and will heal within more or less one week. In order to save him from pain and avoid risks, we have decided to have him now treated by the vet.

    “We are really very sorry but to us the horse’s well-being is more important than success.”

    Edward Gal will now ride Glock’s Voice for the Dutch team next week.

    To add to the Dutch woes Danielle Heijkoop’s Kingsley Siro NOP was also deemed unable to compete at the final vet check. It is thought that the horse struck himself during training.

    Diederik van Silfhout will replace Danielle with Arlando NH NOP.

    It’s a huge setback,” said coach Wim Ernestine. “But with the dressage team consisting of these two reserve combinations and Adelinde Cornelissen and Parzival Jerich NOP and Hans Peter Minderhoud with Glock’s Johnson TN we can still compete for the medals.”

    Although this is disappointing news for the Dutch this should boost Britain’s medal chances.

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