Twin foals ‘Meghan and Harry’ make surprise arrival on royal wedding day

  • Unexpected twin foals born on the morning of the royal wedding have been named after the happy couple.

    Meghan and Harry, born on 19 May, were a surprise arrival out of a cob mare named Blue Bell, by American Bashkir Curly stallion My Boy Buck.

    “It is a miracle, they are doing very well,” said Martin Dewar, owner of My Boy Buck and former owner of Blue Bell.

    He added the mare was covered last year, but they didn’t think she had taken.

    “All of a sudden, on the morning of the wedding she dropped twins, and that’s why we had to call them Harry and Meghan,” he said.

    Martin added he acquired the mare four years ago unbroken and in a poor state.

    He looked after her and broke her to ride and drive.

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    “Both the mare and stallion have such wonderful temperaments,” said Martin, adding the mare was one of the easiest horses he has ever started.

    “I have been in the horse game all my life and I have never come across a mare that was so easy to break, she never put a foot wrong.

    “It was enjoyable to get up in the morning and do some work with her — she is very special.

    “You don’t need to spend a lot of money on horses. If you have a bit of time, they can turn out to be beautiful swans.”

    The mare was sold locally and has gone to a home where they “absolutely love her”.

    American Bashkir Curly horses are a rare breed, with curly, hypoallergenic coats.

    “The stallion has a temperament to die for,” said Martin, adding this is typical of the breed.

    “They are good for all levels of riders and they aren’t at all sharp.”

    Twins foals are an unusual sight. While it is common for mares to conceive twins, if they are spotted early enough, vets will usually abort one embryo to give the other foal and the mare the best chance of a safe, full-term, healthy pregnancy.

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