Equestrian charity wins £7K in eBay competition

  • An equestrian charity that improves conditions for the pyramid horses in Cairo has won the 2016 My Favourite Charity competition run by eBay.

    Prince Fluffy Kareem (PFK) won £7,000 after topping the leaderboard in October.

    A spokesman said a “humble thank you” was due to all those who voted for the charity.

    PFK received 6,776 votes in the competition, which was open from 1-31 October.

    In second place was Freeagle, the free internet service where people can give away or ask for things that would otherwise be thrown away.

    In third place with 1669 votes was Cancer Research UK.

    PFK is run by a small group of people who are dedicated to helping the horses who take tourists and locals on rides around the pyramids and nearby desert.

    The UK-registered charity runs clinics with local vets giving horses, camels and donkeys free veterinary treatment.

    Owners are also shown how to provide ongoing care.

    Many of the horses treated are severely underweight due to the high cost of roughage in a desert country.

    In the worst cases when horses are suffering from serious injuries, acute tick-borne disease babesiosis or jaundice they are taken in for fostering.

    At PFK’s stables they are given medical treatment, food and allowed to rest.

    In Cairo most working owners do not have stables or paddocks for their horses so they are kept tied up when not being ridden.

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    The competition run by eBay was open to any UK-registered charity who has enrolled with PayPal Giving Fund.

    Participants were asked to nominate a favourite charity by clicking the “save as favourite” button next to the charity’s name.

    The competition was open to UK residents over 18 years and who were registered members of www.eBay.co.uk at the time of entering.


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