The Brooke rescues horses trapped by Nepal earthquake

  • Horse charity, the Brooke, is working to help more than 1,600 equines that were affected by the Nepal earthquake last month.

    The 7.9 magnitude earthquake hit Nepal on 25 April.

    Around 1,650 horses, mules and donkeys in Gorkha were trapped or injured while working carrying bricks for their owners. Almost all of their owners lost their homes due to the earthquake.

    The Brooke is now working closely with the owners to help rescue and treat the animals, many of which have been injured by falling rocks.

    Many are stranded with little or no grass.

    So far, around 400 animals have been rescued by the Brooke and are grazing safely in open spaces or back in their owners’ villages.

    Three teams from the Brooke are working together to help the animals as quickly as possible. One group is gathering vital relief supplies, while another snother is ensuring they are distributed properly.

    The Brooke has also set up an animal health camp providing hands-on treatment. Tarpaulins are providing temporary shelter, while vets administer emergency medication.

    The equines are used to carry bricks and are a fundamental part of the lives of their owners, who rely on them for income.

    Rebecca Sommerville from the Brooke animal welfare team said: “Although there’s still much more to be done, Brooke teams in Nepal are working tirelessly — and it’s down to people making generous donations to the Brooke that so many horses, donkeys and mules are now safe and sound. ”

    The Brooke works in 11 different countries across Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America and in the last year it reached 1.5 million working horses, donkeys and mules.

    For more information visit: www.thebrooke.org

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