Silver lining for accident prone horses

  • Equimins has launched a new wound gel containing natural colloidal silver, MSM (methylsulfonylmethan), aloe vera, tea tree oil, echinacea and chamomile oil, all specifically chosen to help speed up skin repair post-injury.

    David Willey, managing director of Equimins, said: “Colloidal silver is a powerful microbial agent that kills around 99% of germs.

    “The other ingredients have been chosen due to their specific qualities — MSM helps promote skin recover, tea tree oil has antiseptic properties, echinacea helps activate white blood cells and chamomile is a natural analgesic.”

    Equimins wound gel is available in 100ml airless dispensers and retails at £6.99.

    For more information see www.equimins.com, email sales@equimins.com or call 01548 531770.

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