Event rider looking for love appears on Take Me Out

  • British event rider Sam Ecroyd appeared on ITV’s dating show Take Me Out last week (9 January).

    The 18-year-old junior team rider from Chester made a dramatic entrance in a blue suit, moon walking to Roy Orbison’s Pretty Woman.

    Sam EcroydSam impressed the ladies with his equestrian sporting achievements and eventually chose Joanna as his date to the “Isle of Fernando’s”.

    “I’m nervous — I’ve never seen so many girls in one room,” Sam joked on the show.

    He went on to reveal that he has a passion for fishing, once ate 64 corner yogurts in one week, and showers in his socks.

    “When I go to competitions I don’t like putting my feet in the dirty showers,” he said.

    Despite revealing his unusual habits and presenter Paddy McGuinness referring to him as a showjumper, Sam kept his cool.

    He was left with eight girls to whittle down before he eventually chose Joanna.

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    “I’m really pleased that I’ve got a date and I’ve even got my special socks for her to take to Fernando’s,” he added.

    Speaking to H&H after the show, Sam said that he didn’t mind being called a showjumper.

    “I wasn’t at all annoyed as I’m sure all event riders are aware of the struggle of explaining eventing to an outsider,” he said. “Paddy acknowledged that I was a horse rider so for me that was close enough.

    “I did eat that much yoghurt — I was training for two weeks at Judy Harvey’s and I stayed in my caravan. I’m not the best cook so the yoghurts were an easy option. When I got home I was a little worse for wear!”

    Equestrian achievements

    Sam has won four European medals including team gold and has been based with Alex Hua Tian, Billy Twomey and most recently Michael Jung.

    He currently has six event horses he is competing as well as youngsters he is bringing on.

    “I am ambitious and lucky enough to have a team of wonderful horses,” he said.

    Sam will be appearing for a second time on Take Me Out today (16 January) at 8pm, where his date with Joanna will be shown.

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