Roland’s nags and nails: what’s with the weather?

  • Can you believe the weather?! What is going on up there? All this rain couldn’t have come at a worst time for those wanting to compete and for those who rely on country shows and events to make a living.

    Many of our clients have been very badly affected as not only has the weather disappointed many, it’s also had a devastating effect on their pockets too. Our area (Devon, Dorset and Somerset) is very reliant on the summer season for tourism, trade shows and craft shows and, of course, at the very core of it all, agriculture.

    Luckily for us it’s business as usual, but we get to hear of the difficulties people are facing with so many of the rural events being cancelled. We were meant to be a feature at the Axminster Flower Festival, shoeing horses and doing some good old fashioned blacksmithing stuff, alongside many other rural craft displays, but alas it was rained off like most other things this summer.

    One thing is for sure, I’m very glad I didn’t decide to take up farming. I can’t imagine the stress of trying to second guess the weather all the time and being at its unkind mercy.

    At least with horse shoeing, it’s largely unaffected by the weather . . . as long as there’s a dry stable or barn . . . and you don’t start work until you have removed any wet rugs. That’s another lesson learnt!

    Until next week



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