Princesses give working equines a royal voice

  • Princess Anne spoke on the need for strong communication and collaboration between equine charities and the human development sector during the seventh International Colloquium on Working Equids last week (2-4 July).

    The Princess — who is president of both World Horse Welfare and Save the Children — said it was “vital” the link between equid and human welfare was established.

    “There is real scope for animal welfare organisations to work together with human development organisations if we can work out how to get across to the more sceptical audience the value of the working animal to communities in the long-term,” she said.

    “The human development sector has a bit to learn about the importance of working animals and that they cannot be replaced instantly by some convenient mechanised way of doing business.”

    Meanwhile Princess Haya (pictured top) president of the FEI, spoke of the link with horse sport.

    “The ethos of horse sport is the horse is an athlete and deserves respect and care.

    Every workhorse deserves the same. It is a mistake to think that working equines are less valuable to their owners than expensive elite horses are to theirs.

    “I have no doubt that this exchange of ideas will help save working equids from needless suffering.”

    Read H&H’s full report from the International Colloquium on Working Equids in 10 July issue of the magazine or H&H VIP members can read online.

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