Pony rescued weighing seven stone takes on special role

  • A tiny pony found fighting for his life has taken on a special new role for World Horse Welfare.

    The diminutive youngster named Star is kept at World Horse Welfare’s Hall Farm in Norfolk.

    He was found in Kent, emaciated and almost too weak to stand, shortly before Christmas 2016.

    Star has since made a full recovery and is the latest pony to join World Horse Welfare’s adoption scheme.

    “Star and another pony, Tinsel, had both been abandoned by their owner at less than a year old and were both in a terrible condition,” said World Horse Welfare field officer Sarah Smith.

    “Star had a thick coat and it was only when I actually put my hands on him that I realised there was very little underneath, it was like feeling a skeleton covered in fur – he was completely emaciated and very weak, being unable to get to his feet without assistance.

    “I noticed that both he and Tinsel had scabs and abscesses on their throats which combined with their dull demeanour indicated they might be suffering from strangles.”

    Star and Tinsel were transported to a holding yard and kept in isolation.

    They were later moved to World Horse Welfare’s Hall Farm where they began their rehabilitation.

    On arrival Star weighed just 42 kilograms (six and a half stone).

    They remained in isolation until they were completely clear of strangles.

    “Star is now a happy, healthy young pony having almost doubled in weight, and loves spending his days out in the field, enjoying the sunshine and meeting visitors to the farm,” added Ms Smith.

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    “He’s made an amazing transformation and while he might be one of the smallest ponies at the farm standing at little over 80cm [less than 8hh] high, he certainly has one of the biggest characters!”

    Tinsel has also flourished in World Horse Welfare’s care.

    Star will now replace India as the adoption horse at Hall Farm.

    India is currently acting as a companion to two orphaned foals but will soon be joining World Horse Welfare’s rehoming scheme.

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