Pony Club members raise £1,700 for Haiti earthquake relief

  • Three members of the Puckeridge Hunt Western branch of the Pony Club have raised £1,700 by doing a “Hack for Haiti” on 14 February.

    Following the devastating earthquake in Haiti, twin sisters Ella and Bethan King and their best friend Molly Beard, all nine years old, decided that they would like to raise money to help children affected by the disaster after seeing footage on the TV news.

    “We were shocked when we saw people being pulled out from beneath the rubble, who had been there for days without food and water, so we decided to do something straight away,” said the girls.

    “That’s when we suddenly thought of the great idea of doing a sponsored ride around our village in fancy dress.”

    Ella, Bethan and Molly planned their “Hack for Haiti” through the website www.justgiving.com, setting themselves a target of £1000 for taking turns to ride shared pony Cracker‚ 16, around their home village of Weston, Hertfordshire.

    The girls and Cracker wore Red Indian costumes, with blue and red of the Haitian flag as their colour scheme.

    “Cracker was as good as gold,” said the twins’ mother Vanda King. “As they rode around the village people kept coming out to take photos.”

    The girls’ target was reached by the aid of friends and family, but they hadn’t counted on anonymous donations on the website, which bumped the total to £1700.

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