Over a million sign petition to stop long distance transport for slaughter

  • A petition pushing for a reduction in journey times for animals transported for slaughter has received more than a million signatures, and is being handed over to a European commissioner in Brussels today (7 June).

    Current EU legislation makes it possible for animals, including horses, to be transported for several days in cramped conditions with little food or water.

    International charity Animals’ Angels petition calls for live animals for slaughter never to be transported for more than eight hours. And, it says, the 1,103,248 signatures show there is overwhelming public support for such a notion.

    Today the petition is being presented to commissioner John Dali in Brussels in an attempt to help persuade the European Commission – which proposes legislation for the European Union to consider – that transport regulations need to be revised.

    This follows the backing of MEPs in March, when they adopted a written declaration calling for a maximum journey time limit of eight hours.

    World Horse Welfare representatives also are in Brussels to support the campaign and the charity is encouraging horse lovers to write to their agricultural minister to tell them that change is needed.

    “We hope that this [petition] will put more pressure on the commission to re-think the current totally inadequate legislation,” said World Horse Welfare’s Hannah Lynch.

    “They must accept that there is huge public support for a short journey limit for animals transported for slaughter. If the current legislation remains unchanged all animals, including horses, will continue to suffer needlessly.”

    The long distance transportation of horses is due to be discussed in the House of Lords on 14 June.

    For more information visit www.worldhorsewelfare.org/takeaction

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