New worm control badge for Pony Club members

  • A new worm control achievement badge is up for grabs for Pony Club members.

    The badge has been designed alongside veterinary advisors at Pfizer Animal Health to help young riders make informed decisions about worming.

    “As scientific knowledge evolves and the threat of wormer resistance increases, the experts now advocate using a more targeted approach to tackle a specific worm burden at a different point,” said Pfizer’s Ben Lacey.

    “Every horse responds differently to worm threats and we all keep our horses in different circumstances. All these things need to be understood when planning the best method of worm control.”

    The syllabus for the badge explains the main worms affecting horses and what the most effective and sustainable ways of managing them are.

    The Pony Club’s Judy Edwards said: “Welfare is at the heart of the Pony Club’s objectives, so correct worming knowledge is essential for our members.”

    For more information visit www.pcuk.org

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