New training programme offers holistic approach to riding

  • A dressage trainer, an osteopath and a pilates teacher have joined forces to offer riders a more holistic approach to riding.

    Gainfield, based in Oxfordshire, is the brainchild of dressage trainer Debbie Beasant, osteopath Philippa Rayne and Stott pilates teacher, Kelly Vanderboom.

    Their approach, devised by Debbie Beasant, works along the same principles as the scales of training the horse. Gainfield “cleverly parallels those principles in the rider,” says Debbie.

    One, two or three day courses are offered. A one day course typically consists of a ridden flatwork assessment in the morning and a pilates session in the afternoon. During the ridden assessment, Debbie and Philippa will focus on the rider’s position and video the session so that relevant pilates exercises can be tailored to the rider’s needs.

    The afternoon pilates session with Kelly promises to help riders make the most of their posture and performance in the saddle. Riders can choose to take their own horse or ride the Centre’s “Anky Free Rider” – a mechanical simulator.

    Debbie says they have already seen “big changes” in the way riders who have done their courses are able to sit and influence their horses.

    “A lot of riders are ambitious and wish to ride at higher levels,” said Debbie.

    “However, many riders hit a brick wall and can’t break through to the next level. Often the horse is then blamed, when it’s really the rider who is limiting the horse’s performance.

    “Our system can help to free up these limitations allowing horse and rider combinations to progress up the levels.”

    On the two or three day courses, riders have the option to explore Neuro Linguistic Programming, which can help building confidence and positive visualisation, plus a sports massage.

    Prices start from £100. For more information, visit www.gainfield.co.uk or call 07887-808630

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