New performance lab for riders opens

  • A new performance lab specifically designed to help riders improve their performance is opening its doors in North Yorkshire on 2 May.

    Personal Best, run by physiotherapist Louise Broom, will be equipped with the latest in rider performance technology. This includes a mechanical horse — believed to be the only one of its kind in the country — fitted with a state-of-the-art pliance pressure mat. Both help riders work on posture and weight distribution in the saddle.

    Louise, who will offer bespoke exercise plans to her clients, said: “People don’t normally think of riders as athletes, but giving a good performance is also about rider fitness and achieving the best possible symmetry, flexibility and stability.”

    Personal Best caters for a range of clients from enthusiastic amateurs to professionals and disabled riders. As well as addressing performance issues, Louise can assist riders with back problems or sports injuries, rehabilitation after a fall, surgery or returning to riding following pregnancy. She will also be running Pilates classes and dressage training.

    To find out more, visit www.personalbest.me.uk, or tel: 07977 909283

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