New equine heart rate monitor launched for horse owners

  • A new heart rate monitor that can be used by horse owners at home has been launched on the market.

    Previously only vets have been able to monitor a horse’s heart rate but new equipment has been produced by Polar Electro to allow owners and riders to assess their horse’s physical condition.

    The RS800CX GS Equine Heart Rate Monitor transmits uninterrupted, wireless live data while you are riding, providing a real-time heart rate as well as tracking speed, distance, pace and altitude.

    The information is recorded and then the analysis can be downloaded onto a computer.

    Manufacturers Polar Electro claim the product “might just give you the performance edge” as owners can use the device to understand how well a horse is building fitness, coping with stress and performing in competition.

    And it can be used on a day-to-day basis to create bespoke exercise or recovery regimes.

    Polar Electro also says it will encourage a “better connection” between rider and horse as trainers will know how much to ask of the horse and will be alert to illness, stress and fatigue.

    The monitor costs £469.30 and is available at www.polarelectro.co.uk

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