Neglected ponies removed from farm in Powys

  • Thirty-six Welsh ponies have been removed from a farm in Powys by trading standards officers and two equine charities.

    Officers from Powys County Council attended the farm on Thursday (25 February) with staff from Redwings and HorseWorld.

    The majority of the ponies are now recovering at Redwings’s Norfolk base, with five at HorseWorld in Bristol.

    Nicolas De Brauwere, Redwings head of welfare, led the rescue operation.

    He said: “It wasn’t an easy rescue and the ponies were virtually unhandled, but it went smoothly.

    “We were able to round them up in just a few hours and they are now all in the safety of the sanctuaries involved.

    “Although it has been an incredibly busy year already, we felt it was really important that we help out in this case and we are very grateful to Horseworld for their help with housing some of the ponies.”

    An investigation is being carried out by Powys County Council.

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