Pony dumped in shocked grandmother’s back garden seeks new home

  • A pony who was dumped in a paved back garden is ready for rehoming after a stint at World Horse Welfare’s rescue and rehoming centre.

    Mr Melvin Andrews was left in the back yard of a lady’s home in April.

    It transpired that her 13-year-old granddaughter had responded to a post on a free ads site that said the pony’s owner would have the animal put down if nobody could take him in.

    The RSPCA were called and the charity asked World Horse Welfare to attend as it was closer.

    The 10hh yearling has been cared for at World Horse Welfare’s Penny Farm for the last six months and is now looking for a new home.

    Mr Melvin Andrews’ groom Katie Grimshaw said he is an “absolutely lovely” pony.

    “He is happy living out in the field and rolling in the mud at any opportunity,” she said.

    “He is very inquisitive, popular with visitors and always comes over for attention when we do our daily field checks.

    “He really enjoys having a groom and particularly likes to root through the contents of the grooming box if he has the opportunity.”

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    The charity is looking for an experienced rehomer to take him on and to give him plenty of handling.

    “We’ve been doing basic handling and leading work with him which he’s taken well to and although he is unlikely to grow enough to be a ridden pony, I’m sure he would love a home with someone who wanted to do some in hand work/agility type stuff to keep him occupied,” added Ms Grimshaw.

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