Migrant discovered under horsebox at Hickstead

  • As the crisis in Calais worsens, there was drama at the Royal International Horse Show (RIHS) at Hickstead on Tuesday (29 July) when a migrant was found under a horsebox.

    The man, believed to be a Sudanese migrant, was found as the horsebox was being unloaded at the showground in West Sussex.

    Hickstead would not reveal to H&H which showjumper the vehicle belonged too.

    Security at the show handed the migrant, who did not speak English, over to the police.

    “There was an illegal immigrant found under one of the showjumper’s horseboxes when it arrived on the showground, having hidden above the rear axle,” Hickstead’s Edward Bunn told H&H.

    “There were two people found on the showground during the Derby meeting so at least there’s only been one at this show.”

    Calais’ migrant crisis is posing increasing problems for horseboxes returning from France.

    In October the lorry carrying Olympic gold medal-winning dressage star Valegro was targeted.

    The dressage star was preparing to board the train at the port on his return from a demo in Norway when a stowaway was discovered clinging on under the chassis.

    If found with a stowaway the lorry owner can be fined £2,000.

    There are more than 3,000 people at the migrant camp known as “the jungle” in Calais with poor access to food, water and health treatment.

    Migrants have been reported to openly target slow-moving traffic as it queues to board at the port and have sometimes launched aggressive attacks on vehicles. More than 2,000 on Monday (27 July) tried to enter the Channel Tunnel. On Tuesday a further 1,500 attempted to, forcing France to deploy riot police. The situation is reported to have improved slightly as the week has gone on.

    Home Office guidance

    • Drivers should notify the relevant authorities at the earliest opportunity if they believe there may be illegal migrants in their vehicle and/or attached trailer
    • Drivers, both from Britain and overseas, must play their part. If a driver does not take adequate steps — and is found with people hiding in their vehicle — they are liable to be issued with a civil penalty
    • If reasonable measures are not taken to secure and check vehicles before embarkation for the UK, a penalty of up to £2,000 may be imposed on each person responsible for each clandestine entrant carried in the vehicle
    • The law applies to all arrivals into the UK, including from European sea ports and on the Eurotunnel Shuttle.
    • Information on securing vehicles can be found here

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