Yorkshire point-to-point course closes

  • After 85 years the final pointing fixture has been run at Whitwell on the Hill (not pictured). The Middleton point-to-point last week (6 April) was the final event at the venue, after landowner David Brotherton decided to no longer host pointing at the course.

    The Yorkshire venue has been the home for one of pointings classics, the Grimthorpe Gold Cup.

    A new venue has been found for next year’s Middleton point-to-point at racehorse trainer, Mick Easterby’s Sheriff Hutton course.

    The Sheriff Hutton course is hosting 2 point-to-points this year, one was in January for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance and the other is next Monday (21 April) in aid of the Injured Jockeys Funds latest project, The House That Jack Built.

    “Whitwell is a marvellous course, but I’m a Middleton man and they are very welcome to come here,” said Mr Easterby. “Sadly it will be at the expense of the one of the charity point-to-points I hold though, as the course will only stand 2 meetings.

    “When you have land it is nice to share it with the public and I love to see them enjoying themselves.”

    For a report on the final Middleton fixture see the current issue of H&H (10 April issue).

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