Jodie Kidd: ‘Remember all they did for us’

  • TV presenter, former model and rider Jodie Kidd is urging the equestrian community to support a new memorial to the First World War.

    Farriers and blacksmiths from around the world are creating the striking new cenotaph in Ypres this September (1-6).

    An estimated 3,000 farriers played an essential role in looking after the eight million horses that were lost during the war.

    It’s a pleasure to support such a wonderful cause and I really urge everyone to support the fundraising campaign and help make the cenotaph a beautiful remembrance to all who suffered,” Ms Kidd said.

    “Love a horse, love a farrier – let’s remember what they did for us.”

    The seven-metre metal slab weighing 12.5 tonnes features an evocative image of single Flanders poppy.

    Artist blacksmith Terrence Clark spent a year creating the design. “The image shows half a poppy that is cut and turned to get a negative and positive shape,” he told H&H.

    At the base there will be ‘planted’ a field of 2016 steel poppies handcrafted by blacksmiths and farriers.

    “A blacksmith from Belgium contacted me with the idea in 2009 and we’ve been working on this for seven years, long before the Tower of London poppies came on the scene,” said Mr Clark.

    Around the cenotaph will be panels referencing thoughts of war arranged in the shape of the trenches.

    These are being built at Ypres in September by 26 master farriers and their helpers, all of whom are volunteering their time freely for the memorial.

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    “We have masters coming from Chile, Canada, the US, China, Japan, Australia, Russia and most European countries,” said Mr Clark.

    Once completed the cenotaph will be installed next to the German war cemetery in Langemark-Poelkapelle.

    The project is costing £250,000, with the final £50,000 still needed to be raised.

    Individual poppies are available to buy for £30 and they can also be sponsored at the Cenotaph.

    For details, click here.

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